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YI Ultra Dash Camera
Size:85mm x 34.8mm x 55mm
Weight:3.4 ounces (camera + battery)
2.7 inch TFT LCD screen, camera only
Wide screen: 960*240 Dot-matrix delta
Processor (built-in ISP): a17@1.25Ghz+A7@800Mhz, dual core configuration.
Co-processor: Built-in Neon acceleration, integrated high-speed FPU processing unit
Encoding technology: H.264 real time multi stream coding capability
Process technology: 28nm advanced process
Run memory: 128M*16bit(2Gbits)*2 (note: software will occupy some space)
Aperture: f/1.9
Sensor: 4-million-pixel high-sensitivity image sensor
Optical lens composition: 6G all-glass, 4-million class lens
Wide viewing angle: FOV(D): 140.6°
Supported standards
2688 x 1520
2560 x 1440
1920 x 1080
1280 x 720
Video coding: H.264 real-time multi stream coding, mp4 format
Bit stream video: Support video playback (note: high resolution files need to be downloaded first to playback)
Wide dynamic: SUPER WDR 2.0
Standard Wi-Fi 802.11n, supports wireless security standard
Wireless encryption: WPA2 encryption
Micro SD card
Please ensure the card is 16-128 GB standard microSD card.
Recommendation class: Class10 (U1) or above
Recommendation speed: 80MB/s or above
Built-in high precision three-axis sensor
App support platform
iOS 8.0 or later or Android 4.1 or later
Power supply
Power interface: 5V/2A (Micro USB interface)
Battery capacity: built-in high temperature resistant polymer
lithium battery, 400mAh capacity
Car charger: input: 12-24V, output: 5V DC [please use the fittings in YI package]
Other parameters
Audio: built-in omnidirectional noise reduction high-quality microphone and high power loudspeaker
Material quality: SABIC flame retardant PC/ABS material
Material quality:
[flame retardant material, you can use with more reassurance]
Average power consumption of whole machine: full function on≤ 4.0W
Operating temperature:-10℃ ~ 60℃
Fixed form
Adhesive 3M / Suction Cup Mount Bracket
Camera Components
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