YI Technology
Organize all data touchpoints and get the most out of it.
Connected Smart Drive - AI-Based Vision Technology.
Comprehend multiple dynamic factors at the blink of an eye and build the most effective fleet management for the assets you have at hand. Make better choices in future investments and business decisions. AI based algorithms and big data analysis help you to find the answers to optimize your business on the road.
  • car1 Visualize vehicle to person connection.
  • car1 Optimize vehicle to car connection.
  • car1 Consider vehicle to road connection.
Safe and efficient technology and services
Optimize what matters most to your customers and your business and develop scalable business capabilities for your future success in a competitive environment. Offer the best possible solution to your customers with the cards you have at hand. We help you to secure key advantages with open and easy to implement customized service solutions that will let you win in the short and long term.
YI Technology provides you the tailored Smart Drive solution you have been waiting for. Inquire more information about modules, pricing and lift your business to the next level. Contact us at sales@YItechnology.com
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