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Only Relevant Notifications
Because new AI features allow tailored alerts
YI Home Camera 3
Cloud Search
Power on/off
Night Vision
Do more than ever.
Better than ever.
1080p Full HD. State-of-the-art image quality.
20 fps high frame rate
1080 Full HD
Save more with video compression.
High quality.
Low weight.
This H.264 video coding technology optimizes the compression
of your videos and help you to store high quality videos.
The new feeling of home.
Online access 24/7 Leave home with peace of mind.
Stay connected 24 hours to the app
when you’re away from home.
Your footage
always available,
in a safe place.
From your baby's first steps to house infraction, don't take the risk to lose irreplaceable videos and keep them safe in our dedicated YI Cloud. YI Home Camera 3 encrypts and securely uploads up to 30 days of footage to the Cloud.
Abnormal sound detection. Stays alert for you.
YI Home Camera 3 can identify abnormal sounds within a range of 16 feet. When detecting sounds, YI immediately sends a 6-second alert tone to your mobile phone. Now you can be instantly aware of unusual activities.
Superior technology for a
seamless experience.
Smart human detection. Say “Hi” to family and “Bye” to false alerts.
Our smart human detection technology effectively avoids "false positives" caused by flying insects, pets and light, to activate the warning only when necessary. It can even tell the difference between a real person and a picture.
Smart cloud search. Find what you’re looking for in few seconds.
YI Home Camera 3 uses our smart human recognition technology to search through your videos in YI Cloud. It automatically identifies any matching footage and allows you to watch it directly. Finding the right footage has never been that fast and easy.

Cloud Search

Intuitive, fast, smooth.
Designed to be
super easy to use.
Power on, power off. More power to you.
Set up a timer for using the camera only when needed and save energy for an eco-friendly smart home.

Power on/off

Two-way voice call. Closer to your family.
Communicate instantly with your loved ones, even when you’re not at home.


Fast playing mode. Faster to get the right footage.
Introducing our unique technology allowing you to browse your videos 32x faster in the Cloud. Check at a glance the whole afternoon and find out which moment is showing the key information you’re looking for.
Magnetic stand.
A super versatile design.
Multiple installation methods
Set up anywhere

Magnet Mount

YI Home App.
Ready to use within minutes.
Download YI Home app, connect your device, and
share it with your family, in only a few minutes.

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